domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Know to be me

This hate that I feel is overcoming everything I know to be me

I can feel it in my veins

I can hear the "it’s" sounds in my head

It “calls” for you… it “calls” for me

I can smell the pain that I suffer constantly… the pain inflicted by you

This is not what I wanted for me

This phase as confusing as it is; is making a new me.

I struggle… to get FREE!

But I just can’t seem to step it!

Get free of this obsession,

Your obsession to hold me as a possession

Under this opression

I wait, to listen, to see if someone can help me

Shh. I can hear somebody coming, somebody that I hope will take me away for here

I cry for help feeling the desperate need of freedom

It was deep and ambiguous those roads that I chosen to pass;

Now, I am lost! And I don’t know my way back

I don’t remember but I know that this is something weird and bizarre(Dejavú)

I can feel as if this has happened before

I can hear someone or maybe is just me

My thoughts flowing inside my head

I guess that I will never know, or will I

Till I find out, I’m still here

Imprison, in your power, in… your… obsession

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